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Move your mission forward: Critical steps to Fundraising

The Fundraising Master Class is a half-day experience with a deep dive into how to set the foundation for your fundraising efforts. 

What will I learn?

  1. How to Create a Strategic Development Plan

  2. How to Write a Strong Case for Support Around Your Mission that can be used for Proposals, Grant Applications, LOIs, and Marketing Communications

  3. Grant Prospecting & Research Tips

  4. Donor Stewardship & Building Relationships

*Each course is available separately

Resources Provided

  1. (1) Free 60 min Strategy Consultation 

  2. Development Plan Guide that includes key strategies and a plan template

  3. A template to develop your Case For Support

  4. A list of grant prospecting resources.

Submit your email below to get a free copy of my 6-Step manual to start your nonprofit and get a 25% off code when the course registration drops on March 8th.

Stop wasting time and invest in the tools and resources you need to get your nonprofit off the ground. 

JustJen Class Series-2
JustJen Class Series


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